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Episode 049: Brett WesterveltMeasure Twice, Cut Once

Brett Westervelt

Brett Westervelt is currently the Head of Design at Instagram. We spoke about his life and career, from growing up in Oklahoma, tinkering with his grandfather, to taking a course at Stanford, experiencing startup life, and growing as a leader.

This episode has tons of nuggets about how he thinks of building strong teams to create great software, how he thinks about design at scale, and how to keep craft at a high bar.

Episode 048: Andy McMillanIt's About People

Andy McMillan

Andy is a creative director, designer, and event producer. He is most well known for XOXO and Build Conference. He also recently started a non-alcoholic craft brewery called Heck.

We spoke about the events that he's created, and how he went from event production to non-alcoholic beverages. Most notably, Andy's career has run parallel to the evolution of the tech industry in the last 15 years, and he shares some of his perspectives on this.

Episode 047: Gabriel ValdiviaFilling The Design Void

Gabriel Valdivia

Gabriel Valdivia is a product designer, and currently an independent fractional design leader. He partners with founders as their design leadership counterpart while embedding with engineering teams to execute and iterate towards product/market fit.

We talked about the rise of the model of fractional design leadership, the current issues tech teams are facing after bloating their organizations these last few years, and many other takes of various temperatures.

Episode 046: Cat NooneResponsibility to Your Craft

Cat Noone

Cat Noone is a product designer turned founder, and now CEO of Stark, a startup streamlining accessibility compliance for software teams.

We talked about her path from designer to business leader, the mistakes made along the way, and how she keeps a high bar for craft of the product and of decision making.

Episode 045: Aaron CarambulaBreaking Down Barriers

Aaron Carambula

In the inaugural episode of 2024, Aaron and I explore topics around collaboration and career.

First, we discuss the qualities of our most effective cross-functional partners and partnerships. Then, we delve into the significance of designers considering their work in the context it lives in, and focusing on the impact it can have. And finally, we share insights on the most impactful feedback we've received.

Episode 044: Majd Taby and Jasper HauserNo Modes

Majd Taby
Jasper Hauser

Majd and Jasper are the co-founders of Darkroom, a photo and video editor for iPhone, iPad and Mac.

In this episode we go through the whole history of Darkroom, how they think about the product in the context of the competitive landscape, and how they look at evolving the product going forward.

Episode 043: Brian Lovin and Ryan NystromSurrounded by People Doing Interesting Work

Brian Lovin
Ryan Nystrom

Brian Lovin and Ryan Nystrom are the co-founders of Campsite, a tool for product teams to communicate with increased signal, rich institutional knowledge, and reduced noise.

We talked about the lessons they have learned from starting the company, but also about their past lessons and experiences that inform the way they approach building Campsite.

Episode 042: Noah LevinA Tool That Creates Tools

Noah Levin

Noah is a designer and design leader who is currently the VP of Design at Figma. In our conversation, we talked about his path into design from high school, to Carnegie Mellon, to Google, and discovered some great anecdotes and stories along the way.

Beyond that, we talked about his experience at Figma, about hiring and growing teams, and about some of our other favourite parts of design leadership.

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