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Episode 034: Coleen BaikAsking the Dumb Questions

Coleen Baik

Coleen is a designer and multidisciplinary artist. She is currently the founding designer at Braintrust, a new enterprise-grade stack for building AI products.

We talked about impostor syndrome, the early days of Twitter Design, her experience helping early-stage startups at Sequoia, and what she looks forward to in her new role.

Episode 033: Nathan Sharp and Ryan OlsonA Big, Beautiful Retrospective

Nathan Sharp
Ryan Olson

Nathan and Ryan are the co-founders of Retro, “a friends-only photo journal for moments big and small.

We talked about the origin story of how they met, how they ended up founding their startup together, how they look at the social media landscape, and what they hope to achieve with their company and product.

Episode 032: Behzod SirjaniPersonal Trainer for Your Organization

Behzod Sirjani

Behzod is a researcher, consultant, and advisor who focuses on helping organizations and teams make better decisions.

We talked about his career path from being a TA to his formative roles at Facebook and Slack, and how he’s evolved his consulting practice to support leaders at companies of all sizes. At the end, he shared some of his thoughts on how AI can support the research practice.

Episode 031: Frankie GawFun Little Side Quests

Frankie Gaw

Frankie is a former digital product designer turned food writer and photographer. He’s the author of First Generation: Recipes from My Taiwanese American Home and founder of the food blog Little Fat Boy.

We talked about his path, from studying industrial design to unexpectedly landing a job as a digital product designer, and from there taking a side quest to leave tech and fully focus on food.

Episode 030: Alex Cornell and George Kedenburg IIIZoom in Real Life

Alex Cornell
George Kedenburg III

Alex and George are two very talented designers with very complementary skillsets whose paths intersected at Facebook.

We sat down to talk about design, careers, technology, and all the things.

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